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  • Good and detailed

    Physiotherapy in dog was rare and it could really help them walk proper and avoid bedridden in later days!

    Thanks Sdyney for the treatment and info sharing Sdyney's diagnosis was real good and detailed.

    - Aki Yoong

  • Reasonably priced

    Have recommended a few for laser therapy and hydrotherapy. Reasonably priced. Sydney is patient and down to earth!

    - Chin Chin Wong

  • Caring and effective

    Sydney is caring and effective. Paws Rehab does great work with dogs in real trouble. My silky terrier, nine years old, only had degenerative joint disease. Paws Rehab helped her stop limping, and she’s back to her usual self.

    - Xavier Yoon Han Sim

  • Sydney saved my dog, Gowri

    When she came to see my dogs for their routine physio session and found Gowri ill , she personally rushed her to my vet , despite a heavy downpour. My Gowri is alive today because of her. Thank you Sydney from the bottom of my heart. Both my dogs mean the world to me.Happy Chinese New Year and may God's blessings be with you always. Paws Rehab is definitely recommended.Both my dogs can walk now due to her dedicated care.

    - Viji Somaskanthan

  • Witness so many dogs and cats able to walk again

    Sydney and her team are a very dedicated team to help animals genuinely.

    We have witness so many dogs and cats able to walk again on all four legs after rehab!! Amazing work!! Highly recommended

    - Chik HsinYee

  • Highly recommend

    I was very sad, worried and scared when the vet told me that my dog a poodle has CCL as he may needs surgery. My groomer at plaza Damas recommended me to try physio. So with no regrets I visited paws rehab. And my dog was 80% cured after his 11th session. I will continue to exercise him so that he will be fully recovered. Acupuncture didn’t really help for my other dog a chow chow who had malinoma cancer of the paws and passed away. I highly recommend to try Paws Rehab. They are professional and dedicated in their work. Thank you Sydney.

    - Karen Cheong

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