Animal Physiotherapy is a complementary therapy which addresses the illnesses or injuries that limit an animal’s ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. It involves many treatment techniques and modalities including: Laser, Ultrasound, PEMF, EMS, Therapeutic Exercises, Hydrotherapy, Manual therapy and fitting equipment like slings and walkers ( Animal physiotherapy can also prevent injuries in animals which allow them to improve their health, fitness and quality of life.

Like humans, animals with certain medical conditions or those that have gone through surgery would require physiotherapy to recover and regain normal function safely and appropriately. Physiotherapy can help speed up an animal’s recovery from injury or surgery by reducing pain and inflammation, followed by regaining of muscle strength thus increasing their potential to regain normal function.

- Post-surgery management

- Paralysis

- Aging/weight issues

- Trauma

- Neck/spine/joint problems

- Muscle/tendon injury

- Stiffness of joints/muscles

- Nerve damage

- Lameness

- Decreased mobility/strength

- Pain management

Yes. Alternate options include:

- Online Animal Physiotherapy Consultation (

- Engage our pet taxi services

- House visitation (only available within Subang, PJ area)

A referral from the vet is preferable but isn’t necessary. If there is any related diagnosis together X-ray/MRI scan should be presented.

Yes we do. Although they are not as responsive and treat motivated as dogs but we have several feline patients who have recovered or shown remarkable improvement with therapy.

Consultation usually takes 20-30minutes depending on the animal’s condition. The animal’s gait, posture, pain, joint movement, muscle size, swelling, wounds, and neurological tests will be observed. According to the assessment results, a customized treatment plan will be developed for the animal, following with some advices on how to manage them at home.

Treatment sessions typically take up to 45 minutes. Treatment will involve either land-based exercise (dry treatment) or Hydrotherapy (wet treatment) which will be decided beforehand by the therapist.  

The frequency of visits will depend on your pet’s condition, which will be decided by the physiotherapist based on the initial consultation/assessment. For example, an animal going through trauma may have to undergo intensive rehabilitation which involves treatment on a daily basis; whereas aging and arthritic animals will require treatment on a weekly basis.

There are no fixed fees. The rates will be based on the amount of time spent with the animal or the type of treatment provided. Owners may also choose to sign up for our discounted treatment packages.

We do prefer owners to be around throughout the sessions to act as a motivational support for their pets. Owners will also have to learn and practice several home management and exercises for their pets to help them at home.